Your copy of the books may not need these amendments as they are updated in future reprints.


See page 15 of “Evidence and Procedure” – Remands in police custody should read “[b] if under 18 years – 24 hours.”

See page 35 of “Crime” – Top paragraph should read:¬†“Actual Bodily Harm. Offence, to commit an assault occasioning actual bodily harm [This can include shock].”

See page 56 of “Crime” – Defences should read “Photographs for training social workers”.

See page 107 of “Crime” – Right hand side of “human trafficking” flow chart should read “facilitates“.

See page 91 of “General Duties” – Missing left hand text. The flow chart should read:

Not in the syllabus

Pages 74 – 75 of General Duties Made Simple.

Previous editions are not available