In depth learning, exam questions and flash cards

**NEW** – in depth learning for Crime. More topics added soon…

The flash cards are grouped by topics. Make sure you read the short instruction before starting in order to make the most of it.

There are a variety of different exams to take, from 20 questions on specific topics or 50 mixed questions to 150 questions from all topics. Some exams are timed so it’s like the real thing, others have an unlimited time and show you the answers after each question, which is great to use as a study guide.

The questions and answers will appear in a random order each time from a pool of 1000 questions, so you can repeat the test multiple times without learning the order of the questions which can give you a false impression of how much you’ve learnt.

There’s a reference to the Barrons’ crammer guides after each question so you can look the answer up and understand the issue more fully.

Don’t worry, you can come back and take the exams as many times as you like in the 12 months. You only pay once.

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