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Relevant Time

Relevant time

Welcome to our guide on relevant time. This is part of our virtual crammer course which you can purchase here. It includes crammer books, audios, flash cards, exam questions and our in-depth guide to crime. All purchases include a copy of the “hot list” topics and a revision guide to get you going. Or you can buy just the flash cards, exam questions and our in-depth guide to crime here.

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Topics covered

  • Relevant time

Knowledge test

Try this quick flash card knowledge check on relevant time to see how much you know before you move on.

Relevant time lesson video


You can right click on the image to save it. It is also available as a PDF to download.

Police promotion exam relevant time

What next…?

Before completing the 20 questions below and rather than review the topics above any further at this point, move on to study another topic. This will give you time to find out how much you have actually remembered, and which areas have been forgotten.

20 questions

Now you have returned to relevant time after studying other topics, take the quiz to see how much information you have retained.