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Help for dyslexia

Our in-depth explainer videos can be a fantastic learning resource for individuals with dyslexia, making the learning process more engaging and accessible compared to traditional textbooks. Here’s a breakdown of why:

Visual Learning: Our videos use visuals like diagrams and images to convey information, which can be easier to understand and remember than text based learning.

Audio Support: Our videos include narration and explanations spoken aloud. Listening to information can be much easier than reading text, allowing you to grasp concepts without the strain of decoding words on a page.

Engagement and Interest: Our videos are more engaging than static text. They make learning more enjoyable and less frustrating.

Pace Control: With our videos, you can pause, rewind and rewatch sections as needed. This control allows you to learn at your own pace, spending extra time on concepts that are difficult to understand.

Multi-Sensory Learning: Our videos stimulate multiple senses at once — seeing and hearing — which can enhance understanding and retention. Multi-sensory learning experiences are often recommended because they tap into the brain’s different ways of processing information.

Reduced Reading Load: Our videos still use text, giving you the best of both worlds, but by focussing less on text and more on spoken words and visuals, they significantly reduce the amount of reading required. This can relieve the stress and fatigue associated with heavy reading tasks, making learning feel more accessible and less daunting.

Contextual Clues: Visual and auditory elements in our videos provide context that can help you understand complex concepts. The visuals provide immediate context and clarity.

Our in-depth videos offer a learning route that can bypass some of the hurdles dyslexic learners face with traditional reading. By focusing on audio and visual learning, these videos can create a more helpful learning environment for diverse learning needs.