Exam questions

It’s one thing to learn all the information for the exams, it’s another to apply it when answering questions. So here’s a chance for you to test your learning and see where you need to brush up!

Sergeants exam dates:

  • Tuesday 12 March to Thursday 14 March
  • Tuesday 1 October to Thursday 3 October

Inspector exam dates:

  • Tuesday 14 May to Thursday 16 May
  • Tuesday 5 November to Thursday 7 November

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Enjoy using these free exam questions to test yourself. The questions and answers will appear in a random order each time so you can repeat the test multiple times without learning the order of the questions which can give you a false impression of how much you’ve learnt. There’s also a reference to the crammer guides after each question so you can look the answer up and understand the issue more fully.

Good luck and take your time. Each question only has one correct answer…

Free 20 questions – Crime

20 crime questions – approximately 20 mins to complete. Average pass mark 67%

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In depth videos, knowledge checks, flash cards and test questions. Everything you need to know about simple theft.

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