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PACE 2018 Voluntary interviews

PACE 2018

PACE 2018 

Code C

Voluntary interviews

Pace 2018 CODE C contains updates for voluntary interviews, therefore we have created a summary of those changes. It’s hard to replace old knowledge with new. As a result, we’ve also included details on how they have been updated from the 2017 code.

There’s a lot to know so you can download a copy of the document for personal use here:  PACE Code C changes 2018 voluntary interviews

The Home Office has summarised the changes for voluntary suspect interviews. The changes comprise new and amended provisions which set out in full the rights, entitlements and safeguards that apply. When you are arranging for the interview to take place it sets out the procedure to be followed. The changes take account of concerns that some suspects might not realise that a voluntary interview is just as serious and important as being interviewed after arrest. This applies particularly when the interview takes place in the suspect’s own home rather than at a police station. The approach mirrors that which applies to detained suspects on arrival at the police station with the interviewer standing in for the custody officer. It requires the suspect to be informed of all their rights, entitlements and safeguards that will apply before they are asked to consent to the interview and to be given a notice to explain those matters. You can find the original document here.