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The definition of property varies depending on the legislation you are referring to. This brings up a very important learning issue. Connecting different topics through similarities and differences helps us to understand and remember more easily. Studying the definition of property in relation to criminal damage in one session and then a few weeks later studying the definition of property in relation to theft will be much less successful for you than comparing the two definitions at the same time.

It’s always important to create diagrams, images or a map of knowledge. It’s much easier to remember an image than it is text. So let’s use this to our advantage when learning about property.

The following image helps you understand two different definitions of property. It helps you tie both criminal damage and theft together, and displaying the information as an image, helps you remember it. This approach is much more effective than simply reading about both pieces of legislation in a text book.

This particular image also helps you pick out the exceptions to the rule which are very important whenever answering exam questions on the topic, as it is easy to be caught out.